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Hayley Green

For over 20 years, Hayley Green has documented people and places around the world as a commercial and fine art photographer and filmmaker.  Along the way, she learned that we all share a common desire to be truly seen and to feel worthy of love and belonging.  Hayley is committed to bringing that universality to all of her photographs.


Hayley caught the photography and wanderlust bug early. As a little girl, she traveled across the U.S., Europe and Africa with her export businessman father and professional photographer mother. When Hayley was 12, her mother opened a photo studio on Nashville’s Music Row and it was there—as her mother captured the personalities of musicians, celebrities and luminaries—that Hayley first discovered the unique relationship between photographer and subject.


“Watching my mother, I learned that a great photographer is one who is able to mirror back not only how a person looks, but how they want to be seen,” Hayley says.  “She reflected back to her subjects the beauty, strength, courage and vulnerability she saw through the lens of her camera.  Even if at times they couldn’t see it themselves, she could capture it.  She had an uncanny way of making people feel unique and worthwhile which, I would argue, is something we all want.”


Hayley picked up her first camera at 16 and fell in love with shooting photos, the art of developing in the dark room and, later, with the moving image. Her career began at Hampshire College where she majored in Art History, Film and Photography. Then it was on to New York City, where she was mentored by photography legends Joyce Tenneson and Cornell Capa at the International Center of Photography.  Hayley then spent the next nine years in Los Angeles where she worked for HBO Films, did commercial shoots for Virgin Mobile, Lexus and Toms among others, and filmed music video productions for MTV Europe in Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Prague. Then in 2010, back in her native Nashville, Hayley became lead photographer for Dillard’s first online store and worked for the hit television show, Nashville.

For the past ten years, Hayley’s Goode Green Photography business (she started with her late mother, Sheila Goode) has specialized in lifestyle, wedding, portrait and fashion photography with an ever-expanding list of exclusive clientele including Pamela Anderson, David Beckham, the Irsay Family and Dr. Travis Stork. She enjoys traveling in her free time, venturing alone with her camera and getting to know people, documenting their stories and cultures through photography.  Her travels have recently taken her to Cambodia, Lao, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Belize, Thailand, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.


Every picture tells a story and distills a memory.  The photographer’s task is to find truth in any moment and preserve it, quietly turning everyday life into art. Hayley Green is just that sort of artist.



“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera... they are made with the eye, heart and head.” 

– Henri Cartier-Bresson


Contact Hayley


Santa Rosa Beach  | Florida | United States

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